About Us

Fornux Corporation began in 2004 in a research and development effort to target the most difficult problems in science such as memory management in C ++ and astrophysics. The chances of not succeeding were initially very high, but the convictions were also very high, and only time and effort was needed to complete the tasks.

The working method strategy was also changed along the way, as the collaboration of the scientific community slowly faded as research moved away from mainstream science. So the support against the mainstream, especially in astrophysics, is aimed at a century of research in astrophysics and it was in fact negative, so the research followed the commercial alternative to finalize it. As far as memory management is concerned, the process has been more cooperative but nonetheless targets 60 years of computer science research and is once again against mainstream science. It is not a common research process, but now the technology is quite robust and ready to be used for various tasks in the commercial sector.

So Fornux came up with a strong solution to manage the memory efficiently and in a deterministic way with Fornux C++ Superset, that can easily become an industry standard given its predictability for the defence and aerospace sectors mostly.

In combination with that we also developed on top of the C++ Superset, a tool that converts pure Python code into C++ code by inferring the types of the variables implicitly, making the resulting C++ code 10x faster than its original Python counterpart.

It is to be noted that both software is made to coexist together in order to generate an executable that is much more efficient and predictable without having to upgrade the existing hardware.

Now in 2021, seeing the potential of the program combined with the advancement of the technology, and the knowledge that developed in the different fields, the company turned to Artificial Intelligence. In fact, Fornux has a very ambitious goal, which is the development of an Artificial SuperIntelligence (A.S.I.). There is no clear definition of an ASI, but it doesn’t simply interpret or understand humans, it is where “it” becomes self-aware and surpasses human intelligence and abilities.

Phil Bouchard

Founder, Co-owner & CTO of Fornux

Founder and CTO, he brings more than 2 decades of experience in the commercial sector for companies in San Diego, CA and Ottawa, Canada in the game, bioinformatics, automobile, and defense industries. He is also the author of a book in astrophysics representing a breaking new gravitational theory able to represent the universe at all scales. He also enjoys martial arts, hockey, weightlifting and skiing.

Nicholas Hubert-Roy

Co-owner & CEO of Fornux

Nicholas graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Business in Administration degree, with a focus in finance. On his path, he got to acquire knowledge in automotive mechanics, mechanical engineering, and pure science. While studying he worked at CIMA+ for 15 years. Afterwards, he went to work for Cirque du Soleil's HQ as an Indirect Tax Technician for the next couple years. Then, he became a mortgage agent for a total of 6 years where he got experience on how to deal with banks, and got to put together residential, commercial, and private deals. The private sector was most beneficial because it is where he got to deal with all sorts of people with all sorts of wild financing. Knowing different paths to arrive at a solution was one of his strong points. People then came to him for his unique approach. Hence the reason he is often called the "Jack-of-all-trade". Bringing almost 8 years in the financial sector, he got the opportunity to understand and be part of real estate acquisitions, stock investments, commodity trading, private investments, mortgage financing, indirect taxes, taxes, financial statements analysis, and so on.

Joshua Morin

Co-owner & CFO of Fornux

Joshua Morin is an ambitious person that founded his business at age 23. He is the founder and president of Impôt Morin Inc. What started as a small basement business is now the workplace of four people and it’s still growing. This company as over 600 clients.
Looking a bit into his past, Joshua went to “Université du Québec en Outaouais” which he finished in 2016 with a specialized degree in accounting. Short after he completed the CPA course. He then worked at an accounting firm in which he learned many skills that he is using today. He also joined a variety of projects in which he oversaw financials while leading a team. He also worked with clients that wanted to acquire real estate which eventually led him to acquire real estate either by himself or with partners. Ever since he started, Joshua has always been open to new investment or business opportunity.

Paul Claxton

CPO of Fornux

Paul Claxton, entrepreneur and technology executive who has a well-versed knowledge base in a variety of business environments. He uses this expertise to help our customers with a variety of small to mid-sized projects where they have been able to increase operational efficiency and top line revenues. He has built and started several successful companies and ventures. He also has been in some form or another of athletics for over 20 years. He has deep and diverse experience in concepts of dieting and workout regimens. He has achieved varying levels of fitness and won numerous medals and awards in competitive events. He also has referable experience in helping people achieve their fitness goals. Honorably discharged U.S. Marine with experience in the following areas :
- Military: U.S. Marine with 11 years of service and 4 tours in Iraq amounting to about 36 months e.g. 2003 Invasion, 2004, 2007-2008, 2009
- Project Management of Classified Operations
- Recruiter
- Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Paul Monarrez

COO of Fornux

Paul R Monarrez holds a BA in Technology from San Diego State University, BS in Occupational Therapy, an MS in Management with an emphasis on Healthcare from Colorado Technical University, and has 20+ years in the healthcare field including many years as a practitioner in Occupational Therapy. His professional certifications include Assistive Technology Certification, Assistive Technology Specialist, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomics; He is currently certified as an Assisted Living Administrator for the state of CA. In addition he is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSMBB), a California Department of Real Estate Salesperson, and a member of the International Business Brokers Association along with the California Business Brokers Association.
Paul is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer, Holistic Caring, a holistic medical provider treatment network; Senior Operational Consultant for Golden Years Hospice; Consultant for AccentCare Home Health of Southern CA; Physician liaison and Chief Business Development Director for Imperial Heights Skilled Nursing Facility (Rockport); and is the Principal for Empowering Solutions (Management), LLC.
Paul is Bilingual in English and Spanish, and his work focuses on Executive Team leadership Client/Vendor relations, staff training and development, customer relations, and business development and improvement in the field of healthcare. He currently serves as a board member for the Aging and Independent Services for San Diego County, Mountain Health/San Ysidro Health and Area Agency on Aging in Imperial County.